Ernie's 1st Projects
Beds & Couches
2006 Projects
2007 Projects

These pages include Ernie's woodworking projects. 

Click on 'Ernie's 1st Projects' to see the beautiful Blanket Chest he made Sue and the Hickory chopping block he refinished.  There's also pictures of the miter saw table he made. 

Click on 'Beds & Couches' to see the Headboards Ernie built for us.  This section also includes our new couch and loveseat - of course Ernie didn't make these!

Click on 'Tools' to see what tools he's bought to help with his projects.

Click on '2006 Projects' to see the dressers and the Christmas gifts that Ernie made this year.  

Click on '2007 Projects' to see what projects Ernie's working on this year.