Site Seeing in Arizona
Arizona Wildlife
Sharol's Birthday


In October 2007, I finally went to visit my friend Sherron and her husband Ron at their home in Prescott, Arizona.  I had a wonderful time with them.  I love them both. 

If you select 'Site Seeing in Arizona', you'll see a combination of pictures that all of us took during my visit.  Included are pictures at the Grand Canyon, Jerome , the Red Rock State Park near Sedona, and a few from downtown Prescott.

If you select 'Arizona Wildlife', you'll see wildlife pictures that Ron and Sherron took from their back and front yards.   I didn't get to see the wild animals while I was there, but I did see some of their birds.

Last May, Sherron went to California and surprised our friend Sharol on her birthday.  They hadn't seen each other in years...I would've loved to have been there with them.  Click on 'Sharol's Birthday' to see the pictures.