Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5
Phase 6
Phase 7
Phase 8
Fire Safty

Construction began in May 2003 on our home in Spirit Lake, ID.  Each phase represents different stages of construction.

Phase 1:  This includes home site excavation; pouring of footings and foundation; the sub floor; and backfilling around the foundation.

Phase 2:  This includes more sub floor; trenching for phone and sewer lines; framing of outside and inside walls; the trusses; and sheathing.

Phase 3:  This includes framing; plumbing; window installation; tar paper of roof; heater ducts; metal roof; electric panel; sheet rocking; fireplace; insulation; metal siding; and taping.

Phase 4:  This includes mudding; texturing; painting; installing of doors and trim; final grading; hauling of excess dirt; rock for driveway; utility hookups; security alarm; tile work; cabinets; and laminate floors.

Phase 5:  This includes the heat pump; more cabinets; fireplace mantel; carpet; move in day; Bill and Renee's visit; tractor delivery; porch railings; and steps Ernie installed from the house to the garage.

Phase 6: This includes the backyard fence; and first snow pictures.

Phase 7:  This includes first moose pictures on Thanksgiving; and site seeing pictures of Bill and Debbie's visit.

Phase 8:  This includes the melting of snow in the spring; thinning and chipping of forest; and landscaping pictures.

Fire Safety:  This section includes pictures of when we had the Fire Safety crew come in to clean and thin the trees within 100 feet of the house.

Landscaping:  This section includes pictures of the landscaping we've done so far.